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46.420788, 23.541597, 517611 Colțești RO

Nature Hospitality offers all you need to experience life in the heart of nature. Altough you will confortable enjoy staying in a nice wooden house and you will have all you need for your basic needs, you won't have the modern conditions from towns and villages. At Nature Hospitality, the houses have no electricity and the mobile phone connection is also limmited, so you can forget all your worries, stress and heavy thoughts from back home. Here you can reconnect to your family and friends, but most importantly, to yourself, while exploring the magnifficent surroundings during the day or just relax by the campfire in the evenings, looking at the millions of bright stars.


House No.2

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House No. 4

3 Adults

House No.5

3 Adults

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Our Guests Say:

This is truly great! The location and nature there is beyond belief, the hospitality spotless, very warm, and we were thrilled with how close it was to the Salt Mines as well - which is a must-see in Romania. No electricity and internet was welcome, just wash your worries away and cool your beers in the spring water next to the cabins! Highly recommend and will aim to go back ourselves with a group of a few people. Gabi, London